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Has anyone seen the latest "It"? Seems to be getting a lot of good reviews but is it scary? Don't see what's so scary about some dumb clown. If I see one, with pointy teeth or not, I'm gonna kick It's ass not run away from it. Are clowns scary?
The action scenes, the earlier ones at least, were pretty bad ass even though the CGI was not very consistent. But the final boss battle was a bit underwhelming. Gal Gadot did a pretty banged up job portraying Her Royal Badassness in the action sequence as well as counterbalancing it with young Diana's idealism, or some would say naivety. Instead of it being puke inducing, I was surprised that I was moved by it, sorta anyway. It's a change from RDJ's smarmy smooth-talking charm man.
Not sure whether to put this here or in the Politics forum. Have been reading THR about the white washing controversy over Scarlett Johansson acting as Major Kusanagi in Ghost in the Shell. Despite all the heat generated in America over this, the Japanese themselves are pretty cool over it, including the original director of the anime, Mamoru Oshii. But what struck me was a comment made by a Japanese moviegoer they interviewed. He said "I heard people in the U.S. wanted an Asian actress to play her. Would that be OK if she was Asian or Asian-American? Honestly, that would be worse: someone from another Asian country pretending to be Japanese.Better just to make the character white. " WTF, does that mean the Japanese didn't want any Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean playing Japanese. Is that such a big deal to them? I mean we have tons of British, Canadian and Australian and even Mexican actors acting as Americans. Vice versa even. We even have an Australian acting as a Norse god. Thank goodness Star Trek wasn't made in Japan, they might have blown a fuse over John Cho acting as Sulu. So wtf Japan. Another article on THR on the same subject mentioned that it's because people in Japan worship white people. Which now I think they do as shown in their anime obsession with blond hair, french maids, combat butlers and victorian steampunk. But maybe they are not so keen on non-white races, Africans and fellow Asians included. I wonder if their reaction would have been different if Jamie Chung or maybe even Kiersey Clemons was cast as the Major.

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Dave don't research Maggiefaldetta on the Internet cuz you'll fall in love as I have!
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Usually I don't block people. You'll be the 3rd. But some people are SO beyond stupid, and offer not entertainment in even their PETTY SHIT replies that it's not worth, things I have a new message in my inbox worth knowing about. I've been here 10 years, and you're the 3rd person I felt was SO stupid, even though I am an alcoholic who regularly makes an ass of themself, and I think you're so beyond intelligence that I'd rather block you and NOT respond to anyone else for a week, than have to put up with a single thing you'll say from here on out.
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Look suspiciously like Jesus to me. Try using your other hand Dave.